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Sea Community

2021 - According to NASA over one-third of the total human population (nearly 2.4 billion people) lives within 100 km (60 miles) of an oceanic coast. With ice caps melting, hurricanes and flooding becoming frequent, and internet cables submerging into the ocean, many of these people will need to adjust to a new way of living. As these communities face shared challenges, perhaps they could share solutions too.

In this concept, coastal communities are encouraged to connect by providing them with access to a low-energy online platform. On this platform, they can share ideas and solutions to problems related to rising sea levels and climate change, promoting self-sufficiency and resilience within these communities.

Through their local post office, people can order a package with all the essentials to build their own internet-generating windmill. It includes a high-speed motor operating at 12 volts and 4000 RPM, a converter, a Raspberry Pi Zero W with WiFi capability, a 4G Dongle, a disk for securing the blades, and a manual containing templates for blade shapes and instructions. The remaining materials can be sourced from the local area, such as scrap metal or plastic for the blades and either a wooden rod or metal for the pole, etc. After setup and when the wind passes through the blades, the community can connect to the internet to access solutions from other communities and contribute their own ideas by completing the registration form.


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