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Solar Blanket

2022 - ‘Solar Blanket’ is a heated blanket that utilizes solar power to provide warmth and alleviate the challenges faced by people in vulnerable and disadvantaged situations. It addresses the needs of people who struggle to heat their homes, due to the increasing cost of living and soaring energy prices, as well as those who are homeless or in need of emergency aid.

‘Solar Blanket’ harnesses the power of the sun to generate electricity, saving energy and reducing reliance on conventional power sources. It is designed to direct heat towards the user, effectively isolating warmth in their immediate space and preventing energy wastage associated with heating up an entire area.


The blanket is most effective when used as a warming layer to sit or to lay on. The pleating allows the blanket to be modular by concentrating heat. It fits one person when folded and multiple people when expanded. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being off-grid, enabling users to be self-sufficient and making it portable and usable in diverse settings.


The solar panel can effectively capture sunlight in various weather conditions. It can charge a power bank, which not only powers the blanket but can also be used to supply energy to other objects in your surroundings.


'Solar Blanket' aims to emphasize the need for increased accessibility to sustainable choices by providing an inclusive way to create comfort for all.

‘… when home isn’t a home, but a place that you avoid as long as possible, lingering in shopping centres or libraries, where you can stay warm for a little longer.’

K. Hudson, The Guardian, 2022

Special thanks to the Community of Jaywick.

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Solar Blanket

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